Sunday, June 17, 2012

What Disadvantage Can You Expect with Liposuction Surgery?

You have been trying hard to reduce that fat belly. You tried with different diets and exercises. It was already getting hard for you and finally you gave up as there are no results to show. The tummy looks the same. So you decided to take some short-cut. Well that’s where liposuction comes. But read on, as it doesn’t help you without causing trouble.

What is liposuction? Well as the name indicates, it has something to do with lipo or lipids and sucking them. Fats are a sub type of lipids which liposuction aims to remove from various parts of your body through suction. It is a plastic (cosmetic) surgery as also known as lipoplasty. It was also the most performed cosmetic surgery in the United States in the year 2006.

How does liposuction work? Liposuction is performed by inserting a small cannula (like a tube or straw) through a small incision in the part of the body where you want fat to be removed from. Well, it is not as straight-forward as written above. Fat is not like some chocolate to pullout of body. Fat should be removed without disturbing blood vessels and other tissues in the body. Fat should be removed without causing imbalance in body fluids. Most often it has safety problems and post-operation shape isn’t as good as it theoretically sounds.

Just sucking out fat won’t help you for weight loss. Afterall why do you want to lose weight? If it is just to reduce the number shown on scale without bothering about pain, side-effects to shape and internal body, then that works. But that is not the goal in most cases. You would want to flatten your abs, look good in shapes. But liposuction can leave horrible lumps on your body as one recent case study shows.

While many people try their luck with liposuction, it sucks in most cases. Diet and exercise are always the best option for weight loss although it is difficult. If you haven’t gotten those that means you haven’t really tried hard and the right things. Each person is unique and their body, hence you may have to try different diet and exercise regime to find out what works for you. For some inspiration you may read this weight loss success story. There are many such stories if you want to get inspiration. Just don’t stop and resort to liposuction. It is not even a last resort for weight loss.

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